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"The gift from The United Company Foundation has been applied 100% toward client assistance. We earmarked the funds toward helping households with one or more disabled persons as the primary financial source. TUCF gift made it possible for Bristol Faith in Action to assist approximately 225 families in crisis during 2013 – preventing eviction or disconnection of essential utilities." 

Tyler Franklin

Executive Director

Bristol Faith in Action

"With the funding that has been provided by The United Company Foundation, Communities In Schools of Southwest Virginia will not only be able to expand our current programs but we will also be able to expand our services to more students in our service area." 

Sam McKinney -

Communities in Schools


"The support we have received from the United Company Foundation has played a major role in the success of the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion music festival.   Without this support, we would not have been able to book artists such as Patty Loveless, Lucinda Williams, and others.  Their generosity has been instrumental in our growth and sustainability." 

Leah Ross -

Executive Director

Birthplace of Country Music

"In accepting this remarkable gift, I represent a great number of people over Morrison School’s history:  the many dedicated and talented teachers and staff,  who helped shape the school into the extraordinary program it is today, the committed board members through the years who gave and are giving so generously of themselves as they contribute to the organizational operation of the school, friends and partners in the community who have worked with and supported the school, the students who have and are benefiting from the services of the school, and most importantly the parents whose uncompromised love of their children gave them the courage and strength of conviction to step out of the box and bring their children to Morrison School."

Dr. Sharon Morrison -


Morrison School

“The United Company Foundation’s enduring support of YWCA Bristol has allowed us to continue to provide the only sliding-scale and 3-star quality child care facility in our community. TUCCF’s valued partnership helps sustain our affordable early childhood education, providing parents, or guardians the opportunity to work towards their goals of professional development and economic stability.” 

Kathy Waugh -

Executive Director

YWCA - Bristol

"Through the generosity of The United Company Foundation, over 530 students were able to receive new coats/hoodies and new shoes!  Most of these students had never shopped at a store in the Bristol Mall to purchase these items and they were thrilled with that experience and for having new coats/hoodies and shoes.  We are so thankful for this blessing.”

Vicie Dotson -

Social Worker,

Bristol Virginia

Public Schools

“Your effort has certainly not only helped us meet the basic needs of our less fortunate students, but it has also served as a reminder that people in our community care about them. Be assured that you have made a difference in the lives of our students and that your support of the BTCS Community Resource Center has been most appreciated..” 

Kay Ward

Community Outreach

Parent Involvement

Bristol Tennessee City Schools

"All through school, I knew there would be few or no opportunities for my child after graduation. She would be destined to spend her life with whatever I could do to involve her in exercise and community interaction. Anything that I could do would have to be after work and on the weekends. A lot of TV would be filling her life...couch potato style. I'm just a parent and kids don't really like hanging out with their parents. Then the YMCA/Rivers Way after school program started....a parent's dream come true. She gets everything that I would want for her as far as hanging out with her friends, getting exercise, and being involved with the community and members of the community. After being turned away so many places who cited all of the things Kandi COULDN'T do, the YMCA/Rivers Way after school program accepted Kandi. Now Kandi comes home every day telling me all of the things that she did proud of her accomplishments! I'm proud of her no matter what, but now she is proud of herself and her self esteem beams in her face as she heads off to WORKout at the YMCA. In the YMCA/Rivers Way after school program, my daughter is challenged to excel. She works hard and has increased her stamina through the workouts. She is very social, so being out in the normal community setting as well as being with her peers, is awesome! She can't wait to get to the Y and WORK. When we go out into the community, she always runs into people who stop her to say "hi" and chat....then they tell me that they know Kandi from the Y....they really like her! The YMCA/Rivers Way after school program fulfills my daughter's needs for belonging as well as being needed. She feels that she is a very important part of the program. She actually tells people that she has a job. When they ask where, she says with great pride "I work at the Y....I workout!" The staff and volunteers of both the YMCA and Rivers Way, treat all of the participants of the after school program with the same dignity and respect as they treat other members of the Y. Their care and commitment show through as they greet each child by name and with obvious happiness that they are there. I ran into a Y employee last summer and she said the Y just wasn't the same without the River's Way kids there during the summer. She said it was like they brought life into the Y with them and everyone couldn't wait for them to be back for the school year. When you have a child with disabilities, there are not many people or places that you can trust to take good care of them. But, you can always tell if you've made the right choice if your child can't wait to get there and dreams about going back. Well, Kandi wakes up 3-4 times a night and asks me "where am I going tomorrow?" If I say to the Y, she peacefully goes back to sleep. If I say anything different, she corrects me by saying "NO!" I have to say the Y before she can rest. The YMCA/Rivers Way after school program is the right choice to entrust for the care of my child.”

Diane -

Parent of a child with disabilities

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