How To Apply

There is no grant application form. To submit a request, please write us and include the following information:

** REVISED 01/28/16 **


1)  Objectives and background

(in the form of a clear and concise cover letter)


2)  Budget, including sources of funding

(including support from Board of Directors)


3)  Demonstration of need


4)  Specific plans and timetable of project


5)  Description of funding plans, both current and long-term


6)  List of Board of Directors and key personnel, as well as proof that the Executive Director and Treasurer are separate positions


7)  IRS 501(c)(3) tax determination letter


8)  A current year-to-date financial statement


9)  The most current FORM 990 filed with the IRS

Mail requests to:


The United Company Foundation

1005 Glenway Avenue

Bristol, VA  24201


Grants are not intended to become part of an organization's annual budget.  Less than 10% of the organization's budget should be spent on administration.  During the review process, a site visit will also be required.


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